In addition to its quarterly and now monthly distributions paid since the Company’s initial public offering in February 2010, benefits to investing in SLRC include:

Access to an attractive,
alternative investment strategy

  • While alternative investments have typically been geared towards institutions and high net worth individuals, SLRC’s liquid, publicly-traded stock enables a broader range of equity investors to gain exposure to the illiquid private direct lending asset class while also benefiting from increased diversification and the attributes of a closed-end publicly traded fund.
  • Direct lending to middle market private companies provides an investment opportunity to capture an illiquidity premium and generate excess returns from a less efficient and illiquid private market as compared to the larger, more liquid syndicated high yield market.
  • Commercial banking reforms and leveraged lending regulatory changes have created a long term attractive supply / demand dynamic that should continue to be viewed favorably by non-bank lenders, and in particular providers such as BDCs and private credit funds.

Experienced investment advisor,
aligned with investors

  • SLR Capital Partners and its affiliates have invested over $13 billion in 1,500 different companies since inception for SLRC and affiliated entities.
  • The SLR management and investment team, including employees and independent directors collectively, continue to be one of the largest shareholders through open-market purchases of SLRC common stock and is aligned with fellow shareholders through its approximate 7% ownership of SLRC.
  • SLR is focused on capital preservation and long term value creation and is experienced in maximizing value across multiple economic and market cycles through proactive management of both SLRC’s investment portfolio and its balance sheet.