In November 2020, SLRC acquired a majority interest in Kingsbridge Holdings (“Kingsbridge”), complementing the Company’s suite of diversified specialty finance strategies. Kingsbridge is a majority-owned portfolio company of SLRC and is a leading independent lessor of information technology, industrial, healthcare, and commercial essential-use equipment to a diverse set of predominantly investment grade borrowers. SLRC's equity investment produces current income from Kingsbridge's commercial finance investment activities and is expected to generate net long term capital gains.

Kingsbridge was founded in 2006 by a highly experienced senior management that has underwritten over $1 billion of leases since inception. Previously, the Kingsbridge management team successfully built and led Relational Funding Corporation/Relational Technology Solutions for 14 years until selling the company in 2005. During SLRC’s two-year loan investment in Kingsbridge, SLRC gained a deeper understanding of the business and developed a good relationship with its distinguished management team.

The addition of Kingsbridge, with its highly experienced team of ~125 full-time employees and scalable infrastructure, further enhances the Company's diversified specialty finance asset classes.


Primarily investment grade issuers across North America

Customers that principally operate in the industrial, technology and healthcare sectors

Large privately held companies with fixed assets

Businesses with capital equipment needs


Directly originated operating leases for essential use equipment

Finance leases


$500K to $1.5M