Comprehensive Investment Portfolio Composition as of March 31, 2021


Comprehensive Investment Portfolio Composition
(at fair value)
Amount ($mm) Amount % Weighted Average
Asset-level Yield(5)
Cash Flow 1st Lien Senior Secured Loans $326.3 16.1% 8.6%
Asset-Based Senior Secured Loans / SLR Credit Solutions(1) $441.5 21.8% 10.5%
Equipment Senior Secured Financings / SLR Equipment Finance(2) $321.2 15.9% 10.1%
Life Science Senior Secured Loans $331.5 16.4% 9.1%(6)
Corporate Leasing / KBH(3) $588.9 29.1% 10.0% est.(7)
Total Senior Secured Loans $2,009.4 99.3% 9.8%
Equity and Equity-like Securities $14.5 0.7%  
Total Comprehensive Investment Portfolio $2,023.9 100%  
Floating Rate Investments(4) $1,102.4 54.7%  
First Lien Senior Secured Loans  $1,910.2 94.4%  
Second Lien Senior Secured Loans $43.3 2.1%  
Second Lien Senior Secured Asset-based Loans $55.9 2.8%  


1 Includes SLR Credit Solution's ("SLR-CS") full portfolio and asset-based loans and lender finance loans on the Company’s balance sheet and excludes the Company's equity investment in SLR-CS.
2 Includes SLR Equipment Finance's ("SLR-EF") full portfolio and SLR-EF equipment financings on the Company’s balance sheet and excludes the Company's equity investment in SLR-EF.
3 Includes KBH's full portfolio and excludes the Company's equity and debt investments in KBH.
4 Floating rate investments calculated as a percent of the Company’s income-producing Comprehensive Investment Portfolio. The majority of fixed rate loans are associated with SLR-EF and leases associated with KBH. Additionally, SLR-EF and KBH seeks to match-fund their fixed rate assets with fixed rate liabilities.
5 Represents the weighted average yield for cash flow, asset-based and life science loans on balance sheet is based on a yield to maturity calculation. The weighted average yield for equipment financing and Crystal asset-based loans is calculated based on the expected average life of a loan for each asset class.
6 Life science yields exclude the impact of success fees and/or warrants.
7 Represents expected return on equity during 2021.