December 31, 2020

Investment Portfolio

$1.5 billion

Comprehensive Investment Portfolio Exposure1

$2.0 billion

Investable Capital2

~$2.8 billion

Number of Unique Issuers1


Number of Industries1


Average Fair Value by Issuer1

$3.3 million

Percent Portfolio Invested in Secured Debt1


Percent Income-Producing Portfolio Floating Rate1


Weighted Average Yield of Income Producing Portfolio3 


Percent of Portfolio Performing4


(1) Includes the full portfolios of Crystal Financial , NEF and Kingsbridge Holdings ("KBH") and excludes the fair value of equity interests in Crystal, NEF and the debt in KBH.
(2) Represents total investable capital across all entities including SLR Investment Corp., Crystal Financial, KBH and NEF, based on target leverage of 1.25x debt-to-equity.
(3) Represents the weighted average yield for cash flow, asset-based and life science loans on balance sheet and is based on a yield to maturity calculation. The weighted average yield for equipment financing and Crystal asset-based loans are calculated based on the expected average life of the loan for each asset class. Life Science yields exclude the impact of success fees and/or warrants. KBH weighted average yield is calculated on the basis of expected return on equity during 2021. 
(4) Based on the Company's balance sheet portfolio of investments.